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November 25th, 2008 § Leave a Comment

The lovely people at DEMOS (thanks to Mr Millers connections thereabouts) have agreed to host Bettr at their lovely offices near London Bridge on the 14th January.

To sign up for the event please go to and there are also the obligatory Upcoming and Facebook listings all of which I will try and keep up to date.

I also thought we could use Google Moderator for people to suggest and vote on sessions in advance of the event – I think the individual sessions will be 30 minutes each and there will be a minimum of eight sessions – that should allow plenty of time for discussion, networking and coffee drinking – the real reasons that people attend events!

While its no Glastonbury its a big of a hot ticket.  Since I sent out the first tweet to say Bettr was a go and followed that up with a few emails and we have more than 30 people already signed up.

So far we have people have signed up from Wordia, Twidox, Notely, GroupSpaces, OU SocialLearn, SchoolTogetherNow, Talis, Futurelab and the Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills as well as a few independent consultants and university staff (plus of course School of Everything and Beanbag Learning).

Its a great start and thanks to everyone who has signed up so far.


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