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January 19th, 2009 § Leave a Comment

A few quick events related updates today while I have a spare 10 minutes :)

Well I survived Bettr and all in all it went pretty well I think.  There were a few dodgy patches and my Chief Exec managed to to get the back up of the BBC folks pretty much immediately with an ill judged dig at the Beeb but it certainly got everyone contributing straight away which was helpful :)   A few veterans of Bathcamp made the trip from various bits of the UK for which I was grateful as it was nice to have some familiar faces around.  Met some really nice, interesting people and despite the fact it gave me even more grey hair I think I’d like to try and run another unconference at some point with a similar theme but on a larger scale – next time though I’ll get some more help!


Speaking of Bathcamp, Mike has started organising Bathcamp meetups and the first one is coming up soon (Feb 4th as it happens!) Should be a fun event though I won’t be attending this one but I’m sure to be around in the future.  As I’ve mentioned elsewhere Bathcamp was a highlight of 2008 so I’m glad its carrying on in some kind of format.twestival-logo21

Another upcoming event thats get a big following on Twitter is the Bristol Twestival which will take place on the 12th Feb.  The most amazing thing out all the Twestivals (they are taking place all over the world!) is just how fast they came together due to the power of Twitter.

Last, but not least, the developers at Beanbag have started running a Ruby on Rails meetup and while it is my idea of hell I thought I would give it a little plug.

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