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2009 April 28
by Matt

This is an idea I’ve been playing with for a long time – I shelved it for a while after being so impressed with Mikes’ but recently I’ve been thinking about it alot – especially after a conversation with Theo led to him hacking the SweetTweet code to create a pretty functional version of what I was talking about in 30 minutes in Ruby (was bit on the ugly side though – needed Stef to pretty it up!)  It doesn’t really fit into the portfolio that Jiva is trying to build but I’m wondering about giving it a go in my spare time and releasing it as a free service to get around the work IP issues.  Just deciding whether its worth the effort so would value any feedback.

[I'm aware the tone of this post makes it sound like it already exists - not quite sure why I wrote it that way but can't be bothered to go through and edit it again!] is a tag aggregator that pulls content from a number of social web sources and then offers two modes of interaction.

Display mode is a visually rich full screen offering inspired by the likes of and that could be projected or used on large screens at meetings or events as well as offering an attractive way to follow the event remotely.  Analytics mode is more akin to Google Analytics and allows analysis of the use of a specific tag across set time periods in a visual manner.  An additional element to the display option is the ability to add a swear filter if the stream is in a public place.

Content tagged on Twitter, Flickr, WordPress, Blogger, Slideshare and YouTube is aggregated for display.  A standard website with a unique URL ( is available to all users and also access to an Adobe Air application that better displays fullscreen and includes the ability to loop cached content if connectivity becomes an issue.

Definitions of the tag are automatically added to the Twitter hashtag directory via their API (i.e. jisc09 = JISC Conference 2009).

Creation of an eventstreams dashboard requires no registration but you are offered the opportunity to ‘claim’ a tag (this is displayed as a ‘flash’ the first time the dashboard is created, thereafter it is a link in the footer) – this requires registration via OpenID (this will use a familiar format including Google, Yahoo etc options) but allows access to not only the Adobe Air app but also basic usage stats and the ability to add a custom header to the site. is the current leader in this space, though it only aggregates Twitter.  Twitterfall is only 3 months old and already has 80,000 uniques per month according to (which probably means nearer to 100k).  Slandr offer custom backchannel services and Crowdvine offfers services with some overlap.  Twistori offers a desktop version of its app that allows custom tags but remains Twitter only (which they charge $12 for).

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  1. 2009 June 20

    So did you create yet? Sounds very cool. Here’s another one that integrates Twitter and works well for projectoin

    Do you know Julius Solaris? If not, you should. Here’s a post he wrote on projecting the Twitter stream in Event Manager Blog:

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