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Reaching out to the real world..

June 14, 2008 · No Comments

This morning I signed up for the much anticipated (well by me!) Bathcamp 2008 and as soon as I had clicked submit I started to give a little thought to what the hell I’d be able to contribute to the event (in true Barcamp style - everyone contributes something, somehow).  When Bathcamp was initially discussed I had thought I would do something around the ‘amplified conference’ ideas I had been writing about and implementing - but the more I thought about it the more I realised it would be a pretty full on case of preaching to the converted - and thats just not going to be fun for anyone!

So on to plan B…and this was driven by two things really;

1.  The fact a big part of my new job is about encouraging better understanding of the basic web, not playing with web 2.0 apps or creating dumba$$ definitions for web 3.0!

and 2. I want a project to use my newly ordered Flip Ultra video camera on!

So what I am going to try and do over the next couple of months is take my leetle camera on tour and do a series of (very) short interviews with some friends who have jobs that are not a part of our little web 2.0 echo chamber and see what their experience of the web at the moment is and how it differs from mine.  These interviews will inevitably be beer/wine fueled so they should be reasonably entertaining as well as offering a glance through the looking glass into the ‘real world!’.

Once I’ve got a bit of material I’ll hack it all together into something vaguely coherent in iMovie and use it as the basis of something at Bathcamp (perhaps taking some web insider counterpoint videos on the day).

Anyway that the plan - we’ll see how it goes!

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