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Creative Commons in the UK..

June 26, 2008 · 1 Comment

The ReadWriteWeb blog had a post yesterday (?) about the new Creative Commons Case Studies database which I immediately headed off to have a nose at!  It has to be said I don’t think usability was high on the priority list of whoever built this app but as mentioned in the RWW post they have launched something that is full of content rather than just a shell that is often the case.

After struggling through the navigation I was disapointed to see the lack of UK based examples but one quick tweet later and Laura Dewis from the OUs OpenLearn service had jumped in and added an OpenLearn study to the database.  I still think its a bit light on UK examples but then again while I know alot of research has been done on using CC in UK education etc I don’t know how much use of it there is in reality.

On the subject of Creative Commons Andy Powell over on the eFoundations was venting some frustrations about CC in a recent post but I think its people mis-using the system that is the core of the problem and thats just the nature of the web for good or for ill!  Owen Stephens adds a well thought out comment as well.

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