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Promoting events using the social web..

June 19, 2008 · No Comments

Stephanie Booth recently ran the Going Solo conference for freelancers in the wacky world of the social web and she has documented her experiences of using social web tools and more traditional methods (not least hard work and one-on-one contacts) to promote the event and identifies things she would do differently in the future and where it worked well.

I think its a great post and makes perfect sense.  I firmly believe that there is still a role for more traditional communications tools in promoting events (and other activities) and while I am personally most comfortable with the digital aspects of the work that makes the other channels no less important.

The need to make use of your own contacts to reach out to a wider community makes perfect sense but is something I find difficult - its just something that sits easily with me but I think I should get over it!

Anyway its worth reading and I for one will refer to it next time I’m involved in supporting an event so thanks Stephanie!

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